What is E-Tokoni

E-Tokoni is the perfect solution to manage your free walking tour business:

1. Optimize your TripAdvisor reputation

I remember when I used to get tourists to write their contact info on paper, and the hours spent trying to decipher email addresses and entering them (incorrectly) on the computer.

Now with E-Tokoni, people can enter their info directly into the app using the guide’s mobile device , which then automatically sends them an email after the tour with a link to write a review on TripAdvisor.
Once I personally started to use this solution, I saw the difference immediately, and have since become the #1 free walking tour listed on TripAdvisor while doubling my monthly revenue.

2. Manage your guide’s revenue

Whether there are multiple guides or just yourself, each guide can enter every tip they get. You can enter where each tourist came from and how much they tipped. At the end of the tour, you get an e-mail stating how many people participated and how much money they gave. The app then calculates how much the guides keep for themselves and how much you get, depending on your company’s regulations.

With this solution, everything is crystal clear! You always know how much money is coming in, how much each guide owes you and how many people are coming to your tour.

3. Develop your business

With a built-in statistics page, accessible anywhere your smartphone, you can now track how well your business is doing. You can see which guide and which tours perform the best, and which country’s tourists give the most. But that’s not all. With a direct link to a Google Sheet, you’ll be able to generate very precise and informative graphs about your business…

You’d like to advertise your business but don’t know who your target should be? With E-Tokoni, you’ll be able to track the number of tourists by country of origin, as well as how much each country’s tourists tip, at what periods they go up or down, and so on.

Or maybe you’re thinking of changing the days of your tour – Saturday instead of Wednesday, for instance. E-Tokoni will tell you which days work the best.

Just only one app gives you everything you need to save time, money energy, and to develop your business.