About Us – How E-Tokoni was born


Nico Portrait

Hi, I’m Nico. A few years ago, during a very long trip around South America, I went on many free walking tours. Back home, and out of money, I needed to find a job. But after a trip like this, there was no way for me to go back into an office. So, I decided to create my own free walking tour. And it worked! In fact, it worked so well that soon, I had to find another guide to help me out. And that’s when it all got a bit more complicated…


As there were now two of us, I had to optimize my workflow. I had to make sure that more people would show up, and I also had to manage the second guide. At first, I used an Excel sheet to keep track of what the other guide owed me. How much money he was making. How many people were coming. Which days were the best, which ones were the worst… I ended up with a very complex array, with tons of information but no reliable way to analyze it all… And that’s when I had a discussion with my brother Stéphane.


Steph PortraitHey, I’m Stéphane. When I saw the Excel file that my brother had created, I freaked out! As a software developer, I realized that he needed a customized application for his business. After months of discussion, we finally agreed on the specifications of the app. And so, I created E-Tokoni to make his life easier while helping him to develop his business.


Once I started using the app, my walking tour management became so much easier, and now it’s impossible to imagine how I could have ever done without it.
We decided that it wasn’t fair to keep it all to ourselves, so we created this website. And while we could have charged a high price given all the ways it helps to develop your walking tour business, we’ve decided to keep it affordable for everyone…